Saying Goodbye To A Special Family Member

Saying goodbye to a loved family member is one of the hardest decisions to face. We understand every farewell can be different, and we aim to make this time as easy and comfortable for you, your pet and your family.

In Clinic Euthansia

Would you like to be present for the procedure?

When the appointment is booked, you will be given the option to spend your pets final moments with them as the procedure is taking place, or if you would not like to be present and cherish happier final moments. Both options are respected and can be accommodated for your personal wishes.

Body Care

There are three options as to how your would like your pet to be rested once they have passed:

  • Home burial – If you were planning on taking your pet home with you, to bury on your property, there is no body care fee. Ensure to take all council local laws into consideration, and if you are renting your home, remember you may eventually need to leave your pet there. You can bring your pets favourite blanket or bed with them to the appointment to transfer them back home in, or you also have the option to go home with a biodegradable bag we can provide. Please be aware that after the procedure, some pets will relieve their bladder and bowels.

  • Cremation – Pets in Peace are a wonderful organisation that help celebrate the love, devotion and companionship you shared with your special family member.

    “Pets in Peace individual cremation service ensures every pet in our care is treated with the same dignity and respect, whether your baby is a two legged little Budgie or a four legged Great Dane.”

    Visit the link for you to have a browse at their beautiful services:

    The clinic will help you organise transportation to the crematorium from the clinic or can organise them to come out to your residence

  • Group Burial – We also offer the option to have your pet stay with us and organise a group burial.

House-Call Euthanasia

Morayfield Vet Surgery work with Sunset Vets to allow you to say farewell to your beloved pet in your home. To organise this visit call Sunset Vets on 1800 368 763 or visit their website to browse their services

“At Sunset Vets, we believe that being at home for this moment is important and we strive to make this experience gentle for both you and your pet.”

If you have any other questions, please contact us