My name is Michelle,

I first started nursing way back in 1991 doing hydrobaths on the weekend. I have worked with  many and varied  animals over the years,which I enjoy but, my favourite would have to be cows (I’m a bit obsessed with them). I finally finished my degree in 2012 and currently am currently studying for a Diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture. I love what I do and am always trying to find ways to help the animals in my care in any way possible. Over the years I have studied and completed a large number of  courses adding to my experience and I enjoy putting this extra learning to good use for my patients and their owners.

I was lucky enough to obtain a position at Morayfield Vet Surgery in August 2014, I love working at the surgery and putting my skills to good use.

I currently have in my menagerie 5 dogs, 2 cats, 6 birds, guinea pigs, water dragons, 4 sheep, 1 cow & 2 horses.

In my spare time I play soccer and love to hang out with my family.

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